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Rolfing Structural Integration (SI) is a unique whole-body approach that facilitates effortless, upright posture and fluid, pain-free movement. It helps you to feel better in your own skin.

Feel better. Look better. Live better.



Rolfing© Structural Integration is a form of hands-on, deep tissue physical therapy and movement education. It restores your body's structural balance and helps free you from physical limitations and pain.

Rolfing releases years of accumulated strain in your body and enables you to move more efficiently and freely. You will expend less energy in physical tasks, including yoga and athletics, and experience a higher level of physical, mental and emotional vitality. Rolfing will also help you avoid injury and painful movement patterns related to prior injuries.

"Beyond a clients pain relief is increased energy and a return of youthful spirit." – Wallace Stasiuk

Bio: Wallace Stasiuk

Background: Growing up in Boulder, Colorado allowed me to become immersed in the benefits of health practices like Yoga, Pilates and Rolfing. My early years were spent skiing, rock climbing, and enjoying the natural beauty of the environment. This fostered a respect for nature, outdoor activities and would lead me to Rolfing as a career.

Training: After earning my BFA at the University of Colorado and my MFA at Art Center in Pasadena Ca., I studied Rolfing with Mary Bond at the Touch Therapy Institute. I then enrolled in the Rolf Institute in Boulder, followed by the Rolf Institute in Sao Paulo, because of its special focus on human movement and expression. The connection between the aesthetics of the human form, fitness and human expression became the foundation of my understanding of Rolfing.

Certification: Graduated from the Rolf Institute with a dual degree as a Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner, which qualifies me to balance soft tissue and to personalize sessions with natural innovative movement patterns that enhance physical performance and expression.


Wallace Stasiuk
Certified Rolfer

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