"What is said is rarely, if ever, what is heard."

We all see and hear things differently. It depends on who we are, how and where we were raised, what mood we're in, who we're with. The three words "I love you" have a very different meaning on a moonlit beach than they do in a divorce deposition. It all depends on the context. Business Design narrows and defines that context so that customers always see you at your best.

Context: The Essence of Business Design

The Work: Clean, Clear, Elegant


Client List

  • Al Fiedler CR
  • Alan Luxmore
  • Aurum Advisors
  • Blö Salon
  • Bodies in Balance
  • Catalytic Women
  • Children's Burn Foundation
  • Cored Wellness Center
  • CSR Cosmetic Soltuions
  • Culinary par Excellence
  • Chrysler Canada
  • Diners Club
  • Ford Canada
  • Free Gold IRA
  • Gold Asset Management
  • Grey Francis
  • IBM Partner World
  • Jet Stream Sound
  • idAvatars
  • JHM Atelier
  • La Jolla Jewelry
  • L'Auberge del Norte
  • Landmark Estate Sales
  • Lincoln Motor Company
  • Los Angeles Guest Suites
  • Luxmore Construction
  • Marc Lubaszki Financial
  • More Than Your DNA
  • New Voices Film Festival
  • New World Apothecary
  • Nortel Canada
  • Olive Pit Grill
  • Precision Diets
  • Song & Thorne
  • Sparhawk Hutchins
  • Thai Body Works
  • The Dinner Party Show
  • Timothy Jay Candles
  • Tracy Murdock Interior Design
  • U.S. Variety
  • WeimarRundfunk
  • WyWires


Soul of An Artist

Eccentric Advantage

Born in Alabama, raised in Paris and Boston, worked in Chicago and New York, landed in Los Angeles. So many influences, so many cultures. Learned that nothing is the same in one place as it is another. Context.

Why I Design

Dream was to become an architect, became a painter instead. To make a living, became a copywriter and teamed with the best designers and art directors in the business. Learned why one approach worked and another didn't. Color, layout, form. Eye movement, choreography and flow. Still judge my work against the masters. If it doesn't match up, I do it over. Never stop learning. Never stop growing.

Why I Write

Always intrigued with words. The way they come together, flow into each other, shift meaning from one line to the next. Studied the greats, why they still resonate. Write stories, novellas, plays, columns, articles on life and the arts. Learned the importance of impact and brevity as a copywriter. Leaned that style and fashion always change, but fundamentals do not. Language is a mystical art and true expertise is rare.

Why I'm in Business

To be in service, you must love to be of service. Nothing better than sharing what I've learned and experienced with clients and watch it turn into results. Thrilled when a new business concept comes to life, grows, sputters and evolves into a fully functioning website. Working with clients from start to finish is a true partnership. Rewards can be astonishing. There truly is nothing else like it.

The Interview

All the inside scoop. Business, personal and otherwise. What happens when you come to JBBD, what you can expect to gain from it. I asked a courageous client to do this interview. What follows is as close to the original as decency allows.

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JBBD Services

Elements of Business Design

$ - Comparatively Cheap  ·  $$ - Modest Outlay  ·  $$$ - Good Investment  ·  $$$$ - Ultimate Business Design

  • Always on time, always on budget, always spectacular.

    — Iby Haidari, Creative Director —
  • Clean, clear, elegant, nobody does it better.

    — Lee Stein, Tech Entrepreneur —
  • He finds what's best and delivers it straight to my audience.

    — Alan Luxmore, Reality TV —



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